How is Advance Alarm different from other companies?

Advance Alarm and Electronics Inc is a family owned  Fire and Security company located in Paris TX. We only send our highly trained technicians to your home or business, NEVER a salesman trying to upsell or extend contracts. We require no monitoring contracts ever.

How long have you been in business?

Advance Alarm and Electronics Inc has been in business serving Texas and Oklahoma since 1984.  We have over 100 years of combined experience in house an NEVER use subcontractors for service or installations.

Is my system compatible with your service?

YES! most professionally installed security systems are compatible with our monitoring center if for some reason it is not it’s normally very cheap for convert it.

Can I control my system with my smart phone or tablet?

YES! With the award winning alarm.com platform there are endless things that can be done remotely. You will have access to arm/disarm your system, turn on lights, control your heat an air systems, open door locks, open an close garage doors, watch live video, and list grows every day with connected devices like alexa.

Do I have to use a land line ?

NO! With the cost of cellular communication on the decrease the use of land lines are no longer required.  Eliminating the costly land line an increasing security with cellular communications is by far the safest an most cost effective option.

What happens when my alarm goes off?

Once the alarm is activated a dispatcher immediately call you on what ever number you provide us. If we don’t get an answer we send the police, fire or EMS to your location.

How long is your contract?

We have never required a long term contract. We feel that if you decide for what ever reason to leave that should be your choice.  We hope you stay with us because you want to.

Do I need a Alarm Permit?

YES! Most towns have ordinances requiring you to register your alarm system with your local police department. Contact your local police department or city hall to obtain a permit application. If you have any trouble we will find the forms for you.

Do you service an install business alarms?

YES! Advance Alarm and Electronics provides business security in anything from small lease space to huge warehouses.  We provide security an fire monitoring, CCTV, Access control system an Annual fire inspections in any business application.

Are Annual Fire Alarm inspections required?

YES!  ITS THE LAW! Annual inspections are required by NFPA 72, your local building departments,fire inspectors an even your insurance carrier.

Do I have to have my Fire Alarm monitored?

YES 2015 International Building Code requires fire alarm systems to be monitored.


Fire alarm systems required by the provisions of section 907.2 of this code and Sections 907.2 and 907.9 of the IFC SHALL be monitored by an approved supervising station in accordance with Section 907.6.6